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Lavacore Male Extreme Long Sleeve Top

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  • An all-around multi-sport thermal garment offering protection against wind chill and surface splash coupled with the ultimate flexibility of movement that is required in more extreme water sports. Material is equivalent warmth to a 2.5mm neoprene but breathable so you won't overheat when working a little harder. Ideal for SUP, Kayaking and Sailing in moderate to cold conditions.
  • The 3mm neoprene with rough-skin outer on the front and back is more resistance to wind-chill for more extreme conditions or high speed activities. Ideal for Jet Skiing, Surfing, Water Skiing, Kit Surfing, SUP, Kayaking and Sailing.
  • Bi-laminate Merino wool underarms to wick and draw moisture away
  • Textured chest provide grip when surfing, extended material on back to keep shirts from riding up. UPF 50+ protection
  • Full gusset incorporated into the underarm providing excellent range of motion


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