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2018 D3 EVO Slalom Ski Red

Base price £1,599.99
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Discount £-400.99

The new EVO is an extremely smooth and predictable carving ski with no surprises. It carries speed through the turn and builds progressive angle into the wakes. The EVO’s heritage is taken from the ARC which has been one of the bestselling skis in D3 History. Skiers who ride in a balanced stance and like a smooth carving ski will benefit from the EVO.

New bevel angle – Keeps the ski moving as the turn is completed. Resulting in a noticeable reduction in effort required as the ski loads into the wake.

Balanced rocker profile - The turns on both sides are quicker and more complete. Flat spot position allows skier to easily stay in the sweet-spot.

Re-shaped concave – Deep where holding power is required, shallower where it can enhance the turns.

Tapered tail - Provides the desired combination of support and slide resulting in maximum angle with minimal skier input.

Pro-gressive flex- A stiffer flex philosophy that is focused on a linear, tip-to-tail flex ratio.

Regardless of boat speed or line length the EVO is designed to transport skiers to a whole new level of performance. Sizing of the EVO is very critical. For this reason the EVO is available in inch increments.

E V O is available in - 64” 65” 66” 67” 68”


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