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Tigé 20i Waterski Boat 2007

The 20i is a tournament-quality slalom specialist that's worthy not only of professionals like Tigé team skiers Jamie Beauchesne and Chris Rossi, but of families as well. Its USA Water Ski record-capable hull makes it a champ in the course, and an extra-deep freeboard creates a passenger-friendly interior that's as spacious as it is secure. So while Mom and Dad are tearing it up on skis behind the boat, the kids stay dry and safe on board. It's a perfect blend of performance and comfort that makes this nimble direct-drive an ideal choice for buoy chasers who want a boat their families can enjoy too.

Base price £21,999.99
Sales price £16,999.00
Discount £-5,000.99

When it comes to smaller direct-drives, it's usually a case of give and take. You give up rough-water stability for the sake of quick responsiveness and agile turns. But Tigé's 20i manages to incorporate the best of both worlds, turning evenly on both sides and handling like the nimble 20-footer it is, without forgoing any steadiness, remaining solid even through chop. That's good news not only for skiers who can rely on a consistent pull through the course, but also for passengers who desire a smooth ride.

At only 20 feet long and 96 inches wide, the 20i serves up soft, clean wakes, just as you'd expect. There's the usual bump at 22 off and a bit of firmness at shorter line lengths, but beginning-to- advanced buoy chasers, and especially hard-performing recreational skiers, will be pleased with these wakes. For a little variety, turn the TAPS2 to 7 for recreational wakeboard-friendly ramps.



Passengers: 8

Dry weight: 3,468 lb.

Draft: 26 in.

Load capacity: 1,160 lb.

Fuel capacity: 30 gal.

Storage capacity: 50.1 cu. ft.

Bow: 17 cu. ft.

Center: 20.6 cu. ft.

Rear: 12.5 cu. ft.

Platform: 10.8 sq. ft.

Interior gunwale height: 31 in.

Sun-pad area: 12.2 sq. ft.


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